#region Namespaces using System; #endregion namespace ScriptCode { /// <summary> /// Bar type scripts are used for building custom bar types that can be used interchangeably with native bar types throughout the platform. /// /// The custom data bars that are built by the script can either be based on tick, minute or daily bars depending on the underlying bar source. /// When a bar type script is used by multiple symbols a single script instance is initialized for each one. /// </summary> public partial class MyBarType : BarTypeScriptBase // NEVER CHANGE THE CLASS NAME { #region Variables // Use for the bar size as specified by the user. private double _barSize; // Use for the number of ticks in the currently built data bar. private int _barCount; #endregion #region OnInitialize /// <summary> /// This function is called when a new bar type instance is created. /// </summary> /// -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- /// THIS FUNCTION MUST ACCEPT THE BAR SIZE PARAMETER AND SHOULD NOT ACCEPT ANY OTHER PARAMETERS. /// -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- /// <param name="barSize" type="Double" default="1">The bar size of the new bar type being built.</param> public void OnInitialize(double barSize) { // Set the specified bar size. _barSize = barSize; } #endregion #region OnTick /// <summary> /// This function is called on each new tick of the underlying symbol (see the BarBuilder functions). /// </summary> /// <param name="tickDateTime">The tick date/time</param> /// <param name="price">The tick price</param> /// <param name="size">The tick size</param> /// <param name="tickType">The tick type (BID, ASK, LAST)</param> public override void OnTick( long tickDateTime, double price, int size, AT_TickType tickType) { // Check whether the tick is a last trade. if (tickType == AT_TickType.LAST) { // Merge the tick with the current bar. BarBuilderMergeTick(tickDateTime, price, size); // Increase the bar count. _barCount++; // Check whether there are enough ticks in the bar. if (_barCount == _barSize) { // Clear the bar count. _barCount = 0; // Commit the bar. BarBuilderCommitBar(); } } } #endregion #region OnDataBar /// <summary> /// This function is called on each new OHLCV+OI bar of the underlying symbol (see the BarBuilder functions). /// </summary> /// <param name="isMissing">Indicates whether the data bar is missing (true) or not (false)</param> /// <param name="startDateTime">The data bar start date/time</param> /// <param name="endDateTime">The data bar end date/time</param> /// <param name="open">The data bar open</param> /// <param name="high">The data bar high</param> /// <param name="low">The data bar low</param> /// <param name="close">The data bar close</param> /// <param name="volume">The data bar volume</param> /// <param name="openInterest">The data bar open interest</param> public override void OnDataBar( bool isMissing, long startDateTime, long endDateTime, double open, double high, double low, double close, double volume, double openInterest) { // OnDataBar Content } #endregion #region OnSessionClose /// <summary> /// This function is called when a trading session for the underlying symbol is closed. /// </summary> public override void OnSessionClose() { // Check whether there is a bar to commit, since ticks were registered. if (_barCount > 0) { // Clear the bar count. _barCount = 0; // Commit the current bar. BarBuilderCommitBar(); } } #endregion } }

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