Indicator scripts are used for calculating a series of numerical values.

This script can be used in several ways:

  • It can be used on a chart
  • It can be used from another script
  • It can be used as a script column in a watchlist
ID Name
APO Absolute Price Oscillator
ASI Accumulation Swing Index
AD Accumulation/Distribution Line
AMA Adaptive Moving Average
ADDC Add Constant
ADD Add Indicators
ARND Aroon Down
ARNO Aroon Oscillator
ARNU Aroon Up
ADEV Average Deviation
ADX Average Directional Movement Index
ADXR Average Directional Movement Rating
AP Average Price
ATR Average True Range
ATRP Average True Range Percent
APZL Adaptive Price Zone Lower
APZU Adaptive Price Zone Upper
BOP Balance of Power
BBW Bollinger Band Width
BBL Bollinger Bands Lower
BBO Bollinger Bands Oscillator (b%)
BBU Bollinger Bands Upper
OPEN Bar Open
HIGH Bar High
LOW Bar Low
CLOSE Bar Close
VOLUME Bar Volume
OPENINT Bar Open Interest
COG Center Of Gravity
CMF Chaikin Money Flow
CO Chaikin Oscillator
CV Chaikin Volatility
CMO Chande Momentum Oscillator
CCI Commodity Channel Index
CSI Commodity Selection Index
CON Constant
CC Correlation Coefficient
COV Covariance
DPO Detrended Price Oscillator
DM Directional Movement
DIM Directional Movement Minus
DIP Directional Movement Plus
DISI Disparity Index
DIVC Divide Constants
DIV Divide Indicators
DCL Donchian Channel Lower
DCU Donchian Channel Upper
DEMA Double Exponential Moving Average
DSS Double Smoothed Stochastic
DAVG Down Average
DMI Dynamic Momentum Index
DBOXL Darvas Box Lower
DBOXU Darvas Box Upper
EMV Ease Of Movement
EVWMA Elastic Volume Weighted Moving Average
EFI Elder Force Index
ENVL Envelope Lower
ENVU Envelope Upper
EMA Exponential Moving Average
FISH Fisher Transform
FO Forecast Oscillator
FUNV Fundamental Value
FAMA Following Adaptive Moving Average
GAPO Gopalakrishnan Range Index
HPI Herrick Payoff Index
HVA Highest Value
HV Historical Volatility
HMA Hull Moving Average
IMI Intraday Momentum Index
ICS Ichimoku Chikou Span
IKS Ichimoku Kijun-sen
ITS Ichimoku Tenkan-sen
ISSA Ichimoku Senkou Span A
ISSB Ichimoku Senkou Span B
KAIR Kairi
KAMA Kaufman's Adaptative Moving Average
KCL Keltner Channel Lower
KCU Keltner Channel Upper
KBU Kirshenbaum Band Upper
KBL Kirshenbaum Band Lower
KVO Klinger Volume Oscillator
KST Know-Sure-Thing
LR Linear Regression
LRS Linear Regression Slope
LVA Lowest Value
MAFI Market Facilitation Index
MASS Mass Index
MED Median
MEDP Median Price
MMA Modified Moving Average
MOM Momentum
MOMR Momentum Ratio
MF Money Flow
MFI Money Flow Index
MACD Moving Average Convergence/Divergence
MALE Moving Average Lower Envelope
MAUE Moving Average Upper Envelope
MULC Multiply Constant
MUL Multiply Indicators
AMOM Abs Momentum
MAMA MESA Adaptive Moving Average
MAX Bars Maximum
MIN Bars Minimum
NVI Negative Volume Index
NATR Normalized Average True Range
OBOI On Balance Open Interest
OBV On Balance Volume
OBVM On Balance Volume, Moving
OS Oscillator
OSP Oscillator (Percent)
PSAR Parabolic SAR (pSAR)
PPO Percentage Price Oscillator
PVO Percentage Volume Oscillator
PER Performance
PVP Pivot Points
PFE Polarized Fractal Efficiency
PVI Positive Volume Index
PAIN Price Action Indicator
PVT Price and Volume Trend
PCL Price Channel Lower
PCU Price Channel Upper
PVR Price Volume Rank
PBL Projection Band Lower
PBU Projection Band Upper
PBW Projection Bandwidth
PBO Projection Oscillator
QSTK Qstick
RI Range Indicator
ROC Rate of Change
RMI Relative Momentum Index
RSI Relative Strength Index
RVIG Relative Vigor Index
RVI Relative Volatility Index
RSQ R-Squared
SHF Shift
SMA Simple Moving Average
SWMA Sine Weighted Moving Average
SDEV Standard Deviation
SERR Standard Error
SEBL Standard Error Band Lower
SEBU Standard Error Band Upper
STARCL Stoller Average Range Channel Lower
STARCU Stoller Average Range Channel Upper
STOK Stochastic Oscillator Slow %K
STOD Stochastic Oscillator Fast %D
SRSI Stochastic RSI
SUBC Subtract Constant
SUB Subtract Indicators
SUM Summation
SWI Swing Index
TSF Time Series Forecast
TVI Trade Volume Index
TSC Trend Score
TMA Triangular Moving Average
TEMA Triple Exponential Moving Average
TR True Range
TSI True Strength Index
TP Typical Price
LAST Tick Last
LASTSIZE Tick Last Size
ASK Tick Ask
ASKSIZE Tick Ask Size
BID Tick Bid
BIDSIZE Tick Bid Size
UO Ultimate Oscillator
UAVG Up Average
VIDYA Variable Index DYnamic Average
VAR Variance
VHF Vertical Horizontal Filter
VR Volatility Ratio
VAO Volume Accumulation Oscillator
VAMA Volume Adjusted Moving Average
VO Volume Oscillator
VROC Volume Rate-of-Change
VWMA Volume Weighted Moving Average
VWAP Volume Weighted Average Price
WC Weighted Close
WMA Weighted Moving Average
WWMA Welles Wilder Moving Average
WR Williams %R
WAD Williams Accumulation/Distribution
ZLEMA Zero Lag Exponential Moving Average

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