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users-guide/ 1 pages
Script API
scripts/ 18 pages
Add-On Scripts - AlgoTerminal
Alert Scripts - AlgoTerminal
Bar Type Scripts - AlgoTerminal
Commission Scripts - AlgoTerminal
Discretionary Strategy Scripts - AlgoTerminal
Drawing Scripts - AlgoTerminal
Dynamic Allocation Scripts - AlgoTerminal
Indicator Scripts - AlgoTerminal
Multi-Symbol Trading Strategy Scripts - AlgoTerminal
Optimization Algorithm Scripts - AlgoTerminal
Pattern Scripts - AlgoTerminal
Performance Metric Scripts - AlgoTerminal
Position Sizing Scripts - AlgoTerminal
Risk Management Scripts - AlgoTerminal
Signal Scripts - AlgoTerminal
Slippage Scripts - AlgoTerminal
Tax System Scripts - AlgoTerminal
Trading Strategy Scripts - AlgoTerminal
bar-type/ 3 pages
Last Tick Bars - Custom
Bid Tick Bars - Custom
Ask Tick Bars - Custom
commission/ 4 pages
Commission per Order
Commission per Unit
Commission per Order and Unit
Commission by Instrument
discretionary-strategy/ 6 pages
Bracket in Ticks
Bracket in Points
Bracket in Percent
Bracket in Percent X3
Bracket in Points X3
Bracket in Ticks X3
drawing/ 73 pages
Andrews Pitchfork
Equidistant Channel
Fibonacci Fan
Fibonacci Retracement
Gann Fan
Gann Line
Horizontal Line
Linear Regression
Quadrant Lines
Raff Regression Channel
Speed Resistance Lines
Standard Deviation Channels
Standard Error Channels
Vertical Line
Fibonacci Circles
Fibonacci Extensions
Fibonacci Time Zones
Fibonacci Time Extensions
Extended Line
Fibonacci Channel
Pivot Points
Risk Reward Ruler
Marker - Down Arrow
Marker - Up Arrow
Elliott Wave - ABC Correction (Bullish)
Elliott Wave - Impulse (Bullish)
Elliott Wave - Impulse (Bearish)
Elliott Wave - ABC Correction (Bearish)
Elliott Wave - Leading Diagonal (Bullish)
Elliott Wave - Leading Diagonal (Bearish)
Elliott Wave - Ending Diagonal (Bearish)
Elliott Wave - Ending Diagonal (Bullish)
Elliott Wave - Triangle (Bearish)
Elliott Wave - Triangle (Bullish)
Elliott Wave - 9 Wave T (Bullish)
Elliott Wave - 9 Wave T (Bearish)
Elliott Wave - Double Combo (Bullish)
Elliott Wave - Double Combo (Bearish)
Elliott Wave - Triple Combo (Bullish)
Elliott Wave - Triple Combo (Bearish)
Gartley - Alternate Bat (Bullish)
Gartley - Alternate Bat (Bearish)
Gartley - Crab (Bearish)
Gartley - Crab (Bullish)
Gartley - Bat (Bullish)
Gartley - Bat (Bearish)
Gartley - Deep Crab (Bullish)
Gartley - Deep Crab (Bearish)
Gartley - Gartley (Bullish)
Gartley - Gartley (Bearish)
Gartley - Butterfly (Bullish)
Gartley - Butterfly (Bearish)
Gartley - Shark (Bullish)
Gartley - Shark (Bearish)
Gartley - 5-0 (Bullish)
Gartley - 5-0 (Bearish)
Gartley - Three Drives (Bullish)
Gartley - Three Drives (Bearish)
Gartley - AB=CD (Bullish)
Gartley - AB=CD (Bearish)
Gartley - Cypher (Bearish)
Gartley - Cypher (Bullish)
Gartley - Alternate AB=CD (Bullish)
Gartley - Alternate AB=CD (Bearish)
Price Level
Time Level
dynamic-allocation/ 2 pages
Equally Balance Cash Monthly
Equally Balance Cash Weekly
indicator/ 186 pages
Absolute Price Oscillator
Accumulation Swing Index
Accumulation/Distribution Line
Adaptive Moving Average
Add Constant
Add Indicators
Aroon Down
Aroon Oscillator
Aroon Up
Average Deviation
Average Directional Movement Index
Average Directional Movement Rating
Average Price
Average True Range
Average True Range Percent
Adaptive Price Zone Lower
Adaptive Price Zone Upper
Balance of Power
Bollinger Band Width
Bollinger Bands Lower
Bollinger Bands Oscillator (b%)
Bollinger Bands Upper
Bar Open
Bar High
Bar Low
Bar Close
Bar Volume
Bar Open Interest
Center Of Gravity
Chaikin Money Flow
Chaikin Oscillator
Chaikin Volatility
Chande Momentum Oscillator
Commodity Channel Index
Commodity Selection Index
Correlation Coefficient
Detrended Price Oscillator
Directional Movement
Directional Movement Minus
Directional Movement Plus
Disparity Index
Divide Constants
Divide Indicators
Donchian Channel Lower
Donchian Channel Upper
Double Exponential Moving Average
Double Smoothed Stochastic
Down Average
Dynamic Momentum Index
Darvas Box Lower
Darvas Box Upper
Ease Of Movement
Elastic Volume Weighted Moving Average
Elder Force Index
Elder RAY
Envelope Lower
Envelope Upper
Exponential Moving Average
Fisher Transform
Forecast Oscillator
Fundamental Value
Following Adaptive Moving Average
Gopalakrishnan Range Index
Herrick Payoff Index
Highest Value
Historical Volatility
Hull Moving Average
Intraday Momentum Index
Ichimoku Chikou Span
Ichimoku Kijun-sen
Ichimoku Tenkan-sen
Ichimoku Senkou Span A
Ichimoku Senkou Span B
Kaufman's Adaptative Moving Average
Keltner Channel Lower
Keltner Channel Upper
Kirshenbaum Band Upper
Kirshenbaum Band Lower
Klinger Volume Oscillator
Linear Regression
Linear Regression Slope
Lowest Value
Market Facilitation Index
Mass Index
Median Price
Modified Moving Average
Momentum Ratio
Money Flow
Money Flow Index
Moving Average Convergence/Divergence
Moving Average Lower Envelope
Moving Average Upper Envelope
Multiply Constant
Multiply Indicators
Abs Momentum
MESA Adaptive Moving Average
Bars Maximum
Bars Minimum
Negative Volume Index
Normalized Average True Range
N Bars Down
N Bars Up
On Balance Open Interest
On Balance Volume
On Balance Volume, Moving
Oscillator (Percent)
Parabolic SAR (pSAR)
Percentage Price Oscillator
Percentage Volume Oscillator
Pivot Points
Polarized Fractal Efficiency
Positive Volume Index
Price Action Indicator
Price and Volume Trend
Price Channel Lower
Price Channel Upper
Price Volume Rank
Projection Band Lower
Projection Band Upper
Projection Bandwidth
Projection Oscillator
Range Indicator
Rate of Change
Relative Momentum Index
Relative Strength Index
Relative Vigor Index
Relative Volatility Index
Simple Moving Average
Sine Weighted Moving Average
Standard Deviation
Standard Error
Standard Error Band Lower
Standard Error Band Upper
Stoller Average Range Channel Lower
Stoller Average Range Channel Upper
Stochastic Oscillator Slow %K
Stochastic Oscillator Fast %D
Stochastic RSI
Subtract Constant
Subtract Indicators
Swing Index
Time Series Forecast
Trade Volume Index
Trend Score
Triangular Moving Average
Triple Exponential Moving Average
True Range
True Strength Index
Typical Price
Tick Last
Tick Last Size
Tick Ask
Tick Ask Size
Tick Bid
Tick Bid Size
Ultimate Oscillator
Up Average
Variable Index DYnamic Average
Vertical Horizontal Filter
Volatility Ratio
Volume Accumulation Oscillator
Volume Adjusted Moving Average
Volume Oscillator
Volume Rate-of-Change
Volume Weighted Moving Average
Volume Weighted Average Price
Weighted Close
Weighted Moving Average
Welles Wilder Moving Average
Williams %R
Williams Accumulation/Distribution
Zero Lag Exponential Moving Average
multi-symbol-strategy/ 2 pages
Long X Symbols for Y Bars
Short X Symbols for Y Bars
optimization-algorithm/ 3 pages
Brute Force
Monte Carlo
pattern/ 76 pages
Bearish 2 Crows
Bearish 3 Black Crows
Bearish 3 Inside Down
Bearish 3 Outside Down
Bearish 3-Line Strike
Bearish Advance Block
Bearish Belt Hold
Bearish Black Closing Marubozu
Bearish Black Marubozu
Bearish Black Opening Marubozu
Bearish Breakaway
Bearish Dark Cloud Cover
Bearish Deliberation
Bearish Doji Star
Bearish Downside Gap 3 Methods
Bearish Downside Tasuki Gap
Bearish Dragonfly Doji
Bearish Engulfing
Bearish Evening Doji Star
Bearish Evening Star
Bearish Falling 3 Methods
Bearish Gravestone Doji
Bearish Hanging Man
Bearish Harami
Bearish Harami Cross
Bearish Identical 3 Crows
Bearish In-Neck
Bearish Kicking
Bearish Long Black Candelstick
Bearish Meeting Lines
Bearish On-Neck
Bearish Separating Lines
Bearish Shooting Star
Bearish Side-By-Side White Lines
Bearish Thrusting
Bearish Tri-Star
Bearish Tweezer Top
Bearish Upside Gap 2 Crows
Bullish 3 Inside Up
Bullish 3 Outside Up
Bullish 3 Stars in the South
Bullish 3 White Soldiers
Bullish 3-Line Strike
Bullish Belt Hold
Bullish Breakaway
Bullish Concealing Baby Swallow
Bullish Doji Star
Bullish Dragonfly Doji
Bullish Engulfing
Bullish Gravestone Doji
Bullish Hammer
Bullish Harami
Bullish Harami Cross
Bullish Homing Pigeon
Bullish Inverted Hammer
Bullish Kicking
Bullish Ladder Bottom
Bullish Long White Candlestick
Bullish Mat Hold
Bullish Matching Low
Bullish Meeting Lines
Bullish Morning Doji Star
Bullish Morning Star
Bullish Piercing Line
Bullish Rising 3 Methods
Bullish Separating Lines
Bullish Side-By-Side White Lines
Bullish Stick Sandwich
Bullish Tri-Star
Bullish Tweezer Bottom
Bullish Unique 3 River Bottom
Bullish Upside Gap 3 Methods
Bullish Upside Tasuki Gap
Bullish White Closing Marubozu
Bullish White Marubozu
Bullish White Opening Marubozu
performance-metric/ 28 pages
Average PnL
Average PnL %
Average PnL Per Bar
Average PnL Per Day
Average Price Change %
Average Value
Maximum Consecutive Losing
Maximum Consecutive Winning
Maximum Drawdown
Maximum Drawdown %
Luck Coefficient
Net Profit
Net Profit %
Payoff Ratio
Profit Factor
Recovery Factor
Sharpe Ratio
Ulcer Index
Win Loss Ratio
Van Tharp SQN
Total Efficiency
Entry Efficiency
Exit Efficiency
Cumulative Profit
position-sizing/ 3 pages
Fixed Size
Fixed Equity
Fixed Equity %
resources/ 17 pages
Market Order
Stop Order
Limit Order
Stop Limit Order
Market If Touched Order
Market On Close Order
Market On Open Order
Limit If Touched Order
Limit On Close Order
Limit On Open Order
Iceberg Order
Relative Order
Discretionary Order
Market Order
Stop Order
Limit Order
Stop Limit Order
risk-management/ 2 pages
Fixed Equity Limit
Percentage Equity Limit
signal/ 7 pages
Indicator Negative Crossover
Indicator Overbought
Indicator Oversold
Indicator Positive Crossover
Indicator Overbought / Oversold
Indicator Positive / Negative Crossover
Indicator Crossover
slippage/ 2 pages
Constant Tick Slippage
Random Tick Slippage
tax-system/ 2 pages
Generic Tax System
United States Tax System
trading-strategy/ 6 pages
EMA Crossover
RSI Overbought / Oversold
Envelope Support / Resistance
Indicator Overbought / Oversold
Indicator Crossover
Indicator Support / Resistance
user/ 3 pages
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