AlgoTerminal is one of the most sophisticated non-proprietary trading platforms ever built for institutional grade algorithmic trading. Our source code solution is designed for large hedge funds and buy-side trading firms that require full control over their execution technology and would like to customize it to their needs.

Technical Specifications

  • The platform is fully coded in C# / Microsoft .NET Framework.
  • The user interface is coded in XAML/WPF, Microsoft's recommended UX/UI technology for desktop applications (widely used in FinTech and on Wall St).
  • The code is highly optimized for performance, readability and maintainability.
  • The code is extremely organized with a consistent style and format throughout the entire solution.
  • The code is heavily commented, with a comment line for virtually every line of code in the solution, all written in a consistent style and format.
  • The source code license can be used to create an unlimited number of terminals for internal company use only (Not for distribution).

Support and Maintenance

Once the sale has been finalized your team will receive access to AlgoTerminal's code repository from which they’ll be able to download the code and receive updates.

To facilitate the handover process, we will provide on-site education and training to your team until they’re comfortable using the platform and customizing it. In addition, your team will receive access to a large library of video tutorials that explain AlgoTerminal's architecture and source code.

AlgoTerminal's source code solution isn't a onetime deal, we're set up to provide continued support, maintenance and upgrades for as long as you need. Our support and maintenance service will ensure your developers and traders have the latest upgrades and bug fixes as well as continued support from our top engineers.