AlgoTerminal is an institutional-grade algorithmic trading platform for equities, futures and forex. The platform offers a unique set of advanced features specifically tailored for backtesting, optimizing and executing algorithmic trading strategies.

Strategy Development

Design 18 different types of .NET scripts by using our API of 600+ easy to use functions.

Backtesting and Optimization

Backtest a portfolio of sophisticated trading strategies that trade stocks, futures and forex.

Live Trading

Switch your portfolio of strategies between backtesting, optimization and live trading.

Our Solution for Quants and Trading Firms

  • Develop your strategies using a robust API of 600+ functions
  • Backtest multiple trading strategies as a single integrated portfolio
  • Optimize your trading strategies using various optimization algorithms and goals
  • Trade your strategies automatically with Interactive Brokers
  • Integrated to any data or brokerage provider using our Connectivity SDK
  • Consult with our team of knowledgeable support agents
  • Lease the platform or acquire our premium source code solution (Priced for large institutions)