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Professional Edition

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Questions & Answers

  • What's the difference between the Professional Edition and the Enterprise Edition?
  • Which data and brokerage providers do you connect to?
  • How do I sign up and start my free trial?
  • Can I deploy AlgoTerminal on the cloud?

These editions have similar functionality, except for the following benefits which are available only to Enterprise Edition customers:

  • High-frequency trading speeds with an ultra-low latency that is much faster than the already fast Professional Edition
  • Access to the Connectivity SDK which allows your firm to connect the platform to any data or brokerage provider
  • Custom Service and License Agreement
  • VIP support, which includes support from our top engineers
  • Dedicated onsite or online training

Corporate users are required to subscribe to the Enterprise Edition, as the Professional Edition is reserved for private individuals only.

You can view a complete list in our features page, just click the 'Data and Brokers' menu option.

Follow these two steps to start the free trial:

  • Sign up to create a free user account.
  • Click the 'Start Trial' buttons above, log-in to our website, and start your subscription.

Our payment processor Recurly asks for credit card details but those are completely optional (you can leave those empty), either way you won't be charged during the free trial period.

Your 14 days free trial will then start, and you'll be able to log-in to the platform.

If you wish to cancel your subscription during the trial period, you'll be able to do so from our member's area.

Yes, AlgoTerminal can be deployed on any Windows based servers, VPS or cloud solution. Please contact us for recommendations.